Trustee Confirmation Notes for November 7, 2018

Please review the recommendations and reply to me by email.  I will be out of the office on Monday from mid-morning through the afternoon and therefore unavailable to discuss cases.  I will be calling on Tuesday morning, but with the large docket this month it will be difficult to get through all of the cases before the Courts’ cutoff.

If there is uncertainty over an issue or recommendation, please also review the objection I have filed in the case.  When appropriate I try to include sufficient detail in my objection so that the issues can be understood and addressed.

Below is a link to my Confirmation Hearing recommendations.  My cutoff to submit resolutions to Court is Noon on Tuesday, the day before the Docket. If I have not received an email reply or approval for my recommendations on a particular case by then, the case will be added to the “Call” list and will be announced and heard on the Docket on Wednesday, October 10 at 1:30 pm.

“Call” means the Court will call the case unless a different agreement is reached.

“OconMod” means that I think we can circulate an agreed Order.

18 1107 conf notes by atty for website