Meetings of Creditors for April 15, 2020

The section 341 hearings scheduled for April 15, 2020 will be the first one’s I conduct telephonically.  Just as with road construction; Please Expect Delays!, and your patience will be appreciated.

If you need the Call-In information, please contact my office.

The Attached document represents guidance from the United States Trustee’s office.  A copy was previously sent to the Bankruptcy List, but I wanted to make sure that you received a copy from me.  Take special note of the identification requirements!  Please try to have the ID documents to me at least 48 hours before the hearing so that I can have them with the cases where they need to be and can conclude the hearings.

“For cases where debtor has an attorney:

  • Debtor must copy, scan, or take a picture of their valid ID and proof of Social Security number and mail or e-mail the documents to their attorney, who will in turn provide them to the trustee, before the 341 meeting.
  • If the trustee can’t confirm ID or Social Security number, then the meeting will be continued. The trustee may verify the ID or Social Security number before the continued meeting and excuse debtor’s appearance but make a record at the continued meeting. The trustee may request additional forms of verification or statements from the debtors.”

Please let me know if you have any questions, or believe there are issues that need to be addressed before next Wednesday.

Notice Regarding Telephonic Meetings of Creditors in Bankr. D. Kan_

Carl B. Davis