341 Info

341 Meeting of Creditors

Telephonic 341 Hearing Number:  (877) 521−8311, Access Code: 1083847#

After you file for Bankruptcy, you will be required to attend a meeting over which the appointed Trustee presides. This meeting is referred to as the Section 341 Meeting. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court will set a date and time for your Section 341 Meeting. The date,  location and method of the meeting is on the Notice of Bankruptcy issued in association with your case filing.  Check your Notice of Bankruptcy for specific instructions.  During the 2020 pandemic and until further notice, telephonic hearings have been temporarily authorized.  The  Phone Number for the hearing is (877) 521−8311, Access Code: 1083847#.  This will place you in a virtual room with other people waiting for their hearings to be held. The cases will be called individually by case number and name.  While waiting for your case to be called to hearing, please turn off the microphone on your telephone.  When your case is called, please do not keep your phone on loud speaker setting, as it will distort the sound and tends to cause an echo.

At this meeting, the Trustee will place you under oath and will ask you questions  regarding the content of your bankruptcy plan, schedules, assets, debts and other matters. After the Trustee is finished, your creditors will have an opportunity to question you regarding the location and condition of your property, hazard insurance coverage and matters related to your financial affairs.

At the Section 341 meeting you are required to provide:

  1. Proof of Identification – a Photo ID
  2. Proof of FULL Social Security Number – Usually a Social Security Card

You will be asked to confirm the verification of the forms of identification provided.  The hearings are recorded.